We have spent a little over 10 weeks exploring the Dominican Republic…. and when I say exploring I mean visiting the small towns, renting not only cars but also motorcycles and 4-wheelers to get around as the locals do…

I mean purchasing food from the local markets and fresh home-made cheese hanging from someone’s roof… 

We purchased Fried Pork Rines that were fried in a big kettle and then cooled on a wooden table in the street.

We loved the homemade sweet gooey coconut cream stuff. Was spred out across a big wooden board and tasted exactly like the icing on a German Chocoate Cake!! 

I mean we celebrated Carnaval and the Dominican Republic’s Independance Day….

I mean spending several days walking around the Capital City of Santo Domingo and not just in the touristy Colonial zone but also along Calle Duarte where you can purchase anything and get anything repaired. 

I mean we explored their healthcare system because Tyler had surgery to get a wart removed 

and we also visited the dentist to get our teeth cleaned. 
I mean Tyler attended school here. Here he is trying on his school uniform. Here is his video about the school.

We didn’t come to the Dominican Republic for the resorts or beaches, we came to interact with the people of this amazing country. We originally planned on spending 4 weeks here, but the more we explored the longer we wanted to stay. 

But, we have to keep moving if we want to be out of the Hurricane Box before July 1st. So, we’ve moved into the Turks and Caicos islands for our daughter to visit at Easter and for us to have a better wind angle for the Windward Passage between Haiti and Cuba!!
Here is a video about our last day in the DR
Thanks for following along on our journey!!