s/v Abby Singer – We met Andrew, Summer, Sky and Paige at Le Phare Bleu Marina, October 2016.
s/v Albedo – We met Albany, Bruno, Emiliano and Dorian at Los Haites National Park and saw them again in Luperon. 

m/v Alizann – We met Marty and Suzanne at Palmas Del Mar Marina

s/v Escape Claws;We met Kevin and Barbara at Water Island, USVI in October 2015 and met up with them again in St. Martin. We traveled with them the entire way down the Eastern Caribbean chain.

s/v Fradilira; we met this grandfather and grandson anchored off of S. Caicos. 

s/v Dos Libas; We’ve been following Bruce and Tammy for years before we left and finally met them at a dingy raft up in Culebra our second season. 

s/v Grateful; We met Jamie and Nikki at Pizza night in Carriacou and spent a few days with them during the Grenada Carnival, August 2016.

s/v Great White; We met Mark at the marina in Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico

s/v Let It Be; MaryGrace and Kristie met through WWS because we both had Catermerans in charter. We met her, Frank (and Captain) in person in Puerto Rico shortly after we moved aboard. We’ve run into them in the BVI’s, Antigua and Guadeloupe in 2016.

s/v Moorahme – We met Randy and Beth at Le Phare Bleu Marina in October 2016.

s/v Mowzer; Henry and Catherine also had their boat managed by CYOA Charters.

s/v Odin; I’ve been following Odin since befor we left and we finally got to meet BONNIE and Craig in Culebra or second season. 

s/v Orion; We met Rick and Sue in Culebra our first season. 

s/v Rhapsody; We met Bob and Sarah on a happy hour dingy drift in Culebra our second season. 

s/v SaltAir III; (aka, Trio Travels) We met Brad, Krista and Cole in The Saintes, Guadeloupe in May 2016 and have met up with them again in Martinique and sailed through the Grenadine’s and to Grenada with them.

s/v Sandy Feet; We met Andy, Laura, Natalie and Lexi in Bequia, late June 2016 and spent time with them in several Bays on our way to Grenada and were neighbors at Le Phare Blue Marina, October 2016.

s/v So What; We met Greg, Jen, Nika and Oliver in Bequia, late June 2016 and sailed with them through the Grenadine’s and Grenada.

s/v SeaBorne; We met Tomas and Nadine at the Samana Marina and then anchored in the same anchorage off of South Caicos. 

s/v Saphire; We met Kirsten and Jerry in Bequia, late June 2016 and traveled through the Grenadine’s and to Grenada with them.

s/v Stop Work Order; We met the Peter’s Family (Patrick, Corice, Ciara, Cameron, & Truly) aboard Salt Air III in The Saints and met up with them again in Martinique.

s/v Summertime Rolls; We met Rebecca and Brian at St. John USVI.

s/v Tangent; We met Andy, Heidi, Drew and Evelyn while snorkeling at Christmas Cove. We hung out a couple places in the US and BVI’s and saw them again in St. Martin.

s/v Three Sheets; Kristie met Jennifer through the WWS Facebook site, and we’ve met up with Mike and Jen several times through the VI’s.

s/v Time Out; We met Joe, Laura, Joey, Annabelle and Oliver in St. Martin and have run into them in Nevis, Montserrat, and Dominica.

s/v Totem; We met Behan and Jaime and the kids in The Saintes, Guadeloupe

s/v Trebuchet; We met DAVE and Marcy in Culebra when they stopped by and asked us about our PSU flag. They are Washington Huskey fans.