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Follow along as we visit some of the most remote places on this planet!

Samana – Fresh Food Market

One of my favorite things about the Samana Anchorage was the fresh food market. The market was full of fresh fruits, veggies, meats and fish.

They even had strawberries at the fresh market!!!

This homemade cheese was awesome and we purchased a ball almost every day. They were 100 peso’s or $2 usd each.

This was the truck that we bought our pineapples from everyday. 

The market was a delight for all senses… The smell of the fresh herbs, the sounds of people yelling and loud music, and the brightly colored fruits!!! I looked forward to walking here everyday. 

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Puerto Bahia Marina, Samana Bay, DR

We kept Sail Pending in a marina while we rented a car and drove to Santo Domingo a few times.

The first time was to see our daughter Kaycie, who flew in for a quick weekend visit. We toured the city and enjoyed the Sunday live music concert. 

The second time was for Tyler to get a wart removed from his finger. Here is our Facebook post about our first experience with healthcare outside of the US.

 Click here!!

The marina was one of the nicest and least expensive marinas that we have ever stayed in. We stayed here for 17 days and our average price per day, which included everything including water, electric, trash, and several loads of laundry was $32.45 USD. We also had use of the entire 4 star resort. 
There were 5 pools!!! Here are the pictures: 

These are 3 infinity pools. The top Pool flows into the lower pool. 

3 infinity pools!!!
The infinity pool overlooking the marina
My favorite pool: overlooking Samana Bay

and, they had 2 for 1 Mojito’s from 4pm -6pm, by the pool everyday!!!

Sail Pending was comfortably tucked into a concrete dock and it was easy to get in and off the boat. We will definitely put this marina on our places to return to. 🙂 

We made a video about the marina: Click here to watch!!

There are two different ways to get to the town of Samana from the marina. 

1.) Getting the marina to give you a ride to the gate and hitch-hiking to town. Click here to watch the hitch-hiking video.

2.) Taking a 2-3 mile Dinghy Ride. Click Here for the Dinghy ride video.

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Samana Anchorage, DR

We moved from Puerto Bahia Marina into the Samana Anchoarge so it was easier to go to Carnaval and to wait out some nasty weather. 

For a video about the anchorage and Carnaval: Click here !!

From this anchorage it was easier for us to explore the inland part of the Samana Peninsula. We rented 4-wheelers and drove to El Valle, on the Northern Coast of the Samana Peninsula. 

Here is Tyler’s video about the day we rented 4-wheelers: Click here!!

Getting ready to go
Fueling up

Here are a few pictures from the beach on the Northern Coast.

Fish Market sign along the way
El Valle beach is lined with colorful fishing boats

El Valle was a vast dark brown sand beach and without any signs of tourist!! Just a couple empty beach bars lined the beach. 

It was a great day of exploring!!

Santo Domingo

We took a road trip to Santo Domingo and spent the weekend in a hotel so we had plenty of time to explore the first and oldest city in The America’s. We stayed at Tierra Plana Hostel and Restaurant, which is on a little alley way next to the San Fransico Moneatary.

This was a clean and very affordable place to stay and it was walking distance to all of the historical sites. 

….and you gotta love a place where Mojito’s are less than a beer!!!

Kaycie flew in from NYC to spend the weekend with us. So, we took lots of family selfies. 

It was a fun time and we made a two part video vlog about our weekend in Santo Domingo. 
Watch Part 1: Click Here!

Watch Part 2: Click Here!!

Our first week in the Dominican Republic

Since we have been on the move for the past 10 days or so it was nice to stay put in one area for a week. It was better that friends from Central PA were staying at a resort in the same area where we are anchored. 

They snuck us into the resort, but the second day the security guards were onto us and got pretty upset that we were there. Haha!! 
We’ve made YouTube video about our friends visit and our first week in the DR. Click Here to watch!!

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Mona Island

We’ve arrived at Mona Island, which is also called the Galapagos of the Caribbean. There are said to be 6’+ iguanas on the beach and wonderful snorkeling. Time to go see if we can find those big iguanas.

To see a video about our adventures in Mona Island. Click here!!

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Gilligan’s Island, Puerto Rico

Gilligan’s Island was soooo much fun!!! Relaxing in the crystal clear water of the mangroves and floating in the current was just like relaxing in a lazy river at a huge resort!!! Only better!!

To watch a short video about our sail from Coffin Island to Gilligan’s Island: Click Here!!

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Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Cabo Rojo was the perfect staging point for us to cross the Mona Passage to Mona Island. It’s a wide open anchorage without any obstacle, so we could leave before the sun came up. 

To watch a short video about our sail from Gilligan’s Island to Cabo Rojo: Click here!!

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Coffin Island, Puerto Rico

To watch a video about our sail from Salinas to Coffin Island: Click Here!!

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