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On October 20th, 2015, we have one-way plane tickets to St.Thomas where Sail Pending is currently waiting out the 2015 Hurricane Season in a well protected marina.

We are planning on spending the windy, (known as the Christmas Winds), months around the Virgin Islands because we know this area well and know where to find protected harbors.

Kaycie is graduating February 5th, so we will head to NYC to see her graduate and when we come back to the islands we will head East towards St. Martin and slowly continue down the island chain. For our Insurance requirements, we need to be in Grenada by July 1st.

Depending on how we like this life style we will either spend the Hurricane Season on Sail Pending or pull her out of the water and come back to PA. If we come back to PA, we will start to build a land base home that’s ready for us to come back to March/April 2017.

Our plans are flexible and we are going into this with a very open mind. We may decide that the cruising lifestyle is not for us and we may come back after a year. If we decide that the cruising life style is something that we want to continue, we may head North and continue back up the Island Chain and cruise through the Bahamas and Florida in 2017 or we may head West into Central America and through the Panama canal. We really don’t know where the winds will take us, but we do know that whatever it is; it will be in the best interest for Tyler and the rest of our family.