Since we have decided that there is “no better time than the present” to follow our dreams, we now have to shrink our lives from a 4000+ square foot home on over 2 1/2 acres, onto a boat with less than 400 square feet. Luckily, I am a purger and I don’t like having things around that are not being used and it really stresses me out to have 2 of something, if I only need one….. SO, how the heck did we accumulate all this stuff?

Currently, I am sorting items into 2 piles:

Donation pile      garbage

Donation Pile                                                                  Throw away pile

We are going to store some items for when we return, so we do not return to a completely empty house and have to buy everything new. We are going to store a couple couches, 2 beds, a couple of TV’s and our dining room furniture. Rich also wants to keep his truck, his Cobra kit car and Kaycie’s VW, so we have a couple vehicles when we get back.

The hardest part is figuring out what to do with my shot glass collection. Yes, I am a purger, but I have collected shot glasses from everyplace I have traveled to since I was 18. Do I break my shot glass collection addiction now…..OR, Do I store them and keep collecting shot glasses while we are on our journey?

shot glasses 2                                  SHot glasses 1