It has been a very busy two weeks.

It has been raining in PA everyday. Not just a light rain, but heavy downpours and some sort of water problem has been at the top of our to-do list!! An Investment Property’s basement flooded, a water heater flooded another investment properties basement, the driving rain poured into the garage of the spec home, and we can’t get the yard finished at the spec home because it is so wet. Every phone call we received was for a water problem at one of our properties.

Also during the last two weeks we did not have any showings on our primary home, the closing has been delayed on the spec house, and the tenant who was filming a reality show in Barkway, gave us less than two weeks notice that she was moving out. … AAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!! What else could go wrong?

Things were not looking good. We were beginning to wonder if the universe was telling us it is not time to Sail Away…. but yesterday, July 1st everything fell nicely into place!!

The Spec house closed, a really great new tenant moved into Barkway, and we executed an offer on our primary home which does not close until September 30th, just a few weeks before we leave.

Now, we can take a deep breath and start to focus on tying up loose ends with our real estate business and have a property management company take over the management of the investment properties. Things are coming together nicely, but it has not been without a few bumps along the way.