We kept Sail Pending in a marina while we rented a car and drove to Santo Domingo a few times.

The first time was to see our daughter Kaycie, who flew in for a quick weekend visit. We toured the city and enjoyed the Sunday live music concert. 

The second time was for Tyler to get a wart removed from his finger. Here is our Facebook post about our first experience with healthcare outside of the US.

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The marina was one of the nicest and least expensive marinas that we have ever stayed in. We stayed here for 17 days and our average price per day, which included everything including water, electric, trash, and several loads of laundry was $32.45 USD. We also had use of the entire 4 star resort. 
There were 5 pools!!! Here are the pictures: 

These are 3 infinity pools. The top Pool flows into the lower pool. 

3 infinity pools!!!
The infinity pool overlooking the marina
My favorite pool: overlooking Samana Bay

and, they had 2 for 1 Mojito’s from 4pm -6pm, by the pool everyday!!!

Sail Pending was comfortably tucked into a concrete dock and it was easy to get in and off the boat. We will definitely put this marina on our places to return to. 🙂 

We made a video about the marina: Click here to watch!!

There are two different ways to get to the town of Samana from the marina. 

1.) Getting the marina to give you a ride to the gate and hitch-hiking to town. Click here to watch the hitch-hiking video.

2.) Taking a 2-3 mile Dinghy Ride. Click Here for the Dinghy ride video.

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