Sorry for all the test blog post post, but we really want to double and triple check that communications are working before departing for Cuba!!!

This is a test with 3 pictures!! Rich and Tyler are checking the weather for our 300 mile run to Santiago de Cuba, I am uploading our videos about the Turks and Caicos and then Rich and I are going to enjoy Happy Hour by the pool!!

We’re checking out if the TCI islands tomorrow and will slowly make our way to the island of West Caicos by Friday evening. Saturday we are going to sail 80 miles from West Caicos to Inagua Island, which is the Southern most Island in the Bahamas!!! We won’t check in, just fly our yellow flag and test for the night. Then, Sunday we will depart for our 200 leg from Great Inagua to Santiago de Cuba.

Our only communications while we are in Cuba are through our IridiumGo. I will be posting daily updates this way..,. Through my Facebook Page. I can post, but I will not see any comments. So, I am not being rude if I don’t like your comment or respond to it. I just won’t be able to see it.

If you would like to see where we are, just go to the top of our blog page ( and click “Track Us!” This is a live link to where our boat it located.

If you have a question or just want to send us a note to say HI, you can email us at:

Our emails will be forwarded to our IridiumGo! Please don’t send attachments or pictures.

Once we get to Mexico we will upload our videos from Cuba!!! We can’t wait to get there and start exploring!!