The Cat Crew!!

The Cat (catamaran) Crew started in the Grenadine’s last May. We were a group of sailing catamarans who bonded as we were headed South and we traveled together through the Grenadine’s and Grenada.

Once we reached Grenada, some left their boats and flew home for Hurricane Season, another boat continued Westward and are currently sailing to the South Pacific, another sold their catamaran and are continuing their adventures on a trawler….. But, Last year, over a couple of drinks, 3 of the Cats made a plan to meet up and sail along the Southern Coast of Cuba together. As most people know, live aboard cruisers plans are written in the sand at low tide, so we were doubtful that this would ever happen.

Over the past 4 days, all 3 Cats have sailed into Santiago de Cuba, from 3 different countries and are back together and ready to sail together along the Southern Coast of Cuba!!

Yesterday, after the 3rd Cat cleared customs, the six adults poured some nice Cuban Rum and toasted the Cat Crew and all of the original members!! We talked about all of you and remembered the fun times in the Grenadines. Cheers!!!

For all those who are dreaming or planning a Liveaboard life and may be worried about feeling isolated or not having strong friendships “out here,” don’t let that hold you back from untying the lines and sailing away. The people you meet along the way are amazing and the friendships created have a special bond that I don’t think is even possible with land based relationships. We have learned that we never say goodbye to the people we meet; we say, “Until We See You Again” …..