West from Santiago de Cuba

After saying good bye to the friends we made over the past 10 days, it was time to continue our trek Westward towards Le Jardines de la Reina. (The Garden of the Queen).

Our first leg was a short 30 mile sail to the protected anchorage of Chivirico. This anchorage is a tricky approach where you have to line up with very old range markers that are hard to see. The anchorage is also very small and may only have room for about 3-4 boats.

We pulled in about 1 hour after our friends in Sandy Feet anchored.

As we pulled into the anchorage we saw horse and buggies driving down the street and people were coming out from their houses waving at us. It is not recommended to go to shore here because the Guarda are not quite as friendly as the other anchorages, but it was a very nice anchorage to rest for the night.

We rafted up with Sandy Feet and shared dinner and drinks!! What a great way to spend an evening!!

Note: We will post a video as soon as we have wifi that will explain what to look for entering this anchorage.