Marea del Portillo

We pulled into this anchorage only planning to spend the night to rest and continue our journey West in the morning. But, as soon as we dropped the anchor several local boys swam to the boat and started playing. Then we flew the drone and saw all of the little pathways weaving through the mangroves and decided that this anchorage probably deserved a full day to explore and that we would spend a second night.

The next morning a local woman, Josephina, who spoke a little English paddled the uniformed Guarda out to our boat, in a little row boat. The Guarda prepared the paperwork which allows us to stay more than one night and come ashore. The Guarda was friendly, the paperwork was straightforward and no bribes or tips were asked for or even expected.

We explored the mangroves with our SUP’s and then went into shore to take a walk and see if we could find a place to eat lunch. Josephine took us to her house and gave us Mangoes from her tree, cucumbers from her garden and fresh baked bread. She would not take any money, but asked us to bring her any old clothes that we may have on our boat. We thanked her and promised to bring her what we could after our walk.

As we were walking a boy on a bicycle pointed to a house and said, “Restaurant”. We continued our walk without finding any other places to eat, so we came back to the house and knocked on the door. A lady answered the door and said “Si, Restaurant” but explained they were cleaning and currently closed. The lady told us to come in and she would give us cold drinks….it was a very hot day and we could not say NO to a cold beer!!

She brought us cold beer and her husband came and talked to us in very good English. He apologized for being closed, but said that they could prepare either Shrimp or Chicken, if we wanted to have something to eat. The chicken was $3 and the shrimp was $4, each was served with fried bananas, rice, and salad. We were as hungry as we were thirsty, so we decided to have lunch. We went back to the boat late in the afternoon with full bellies and wanting more of this cute little town…..

We can not believe we have this entire anchorage to ourselves!!! We decided that we needed another day to explore and that we would stay a 3rd night…..