Cayo Macho de Fuera
aka Cayo Iguana (by the locals)

Today was an easy sailing day. We only had to sail about 18 miles Northeast to the anchorage by the small island of Cayo Macho de Fuera. On Garmin Blue charts this anchorage only looks like marsh land, but there is a note added by a cruiser that says, “there is a small beach bar.” ….. and, we ran out of beer on board three days ago, so the search for beer is on the top of our list of needs.

As we approached the anchorage we saw what looked to be a small tiki hut, a white Sandy beach lined with beach chairs and one person walking around. This looked promising, and I could almost taste a cold beer!!!

We flew the drone to get a birds eye view and then dropped the dingy and headed in. A nice man greeted us on the beach and explained, that there is a beach bar but it is only open when a party boat from the mainland comes to the island. The day boat brings all the beer and food, so there is not any beer or food on the island right now. Bummer!!!

But, what we did find was pretty sweet. We found a wide, white sand beach lined with empty beach chairs, walking paths, a ton of huge iguanas, and rodent like creatures who would eat cucumbers out of the kids hands.

The three boats met and had happy hour on the beach and the kids gathered hermit crabs for each of us. We had hermit crab races on the beach and watched the sunset from the empty lawn chairs. It was another wonderful day in paradise!!!