This is my journey… This is my story about going from being a very successful, Full Time Real Estate Investor, Builder and Sales Person, to a Full Time, Live Aboard, Cruiser upon a 41′ Fountaine Pajot, Catamaran; “Sail Pending”

My husband Rich and I have been talking about selling everything and sailing off into paradise for a couple of years. A few things have happened over the past few weeks that have made us think about leaving sooner rather than later…..AND, over the past few days a couple of things have fallen into place that will make our dream happen sooner…. Sooner is now about 8 months from now!!!

I am hoping that this blog will help others realize their dreams too. There is so much more to life than working 16 hours days and going home to a big house filled with material items that will end up in a landfill and will mean absolutely nothing to future generations.

Welcome to my journey!!