Stt to Vieques

After a long day of traveling and provisioning on Tuesday, we woke up before sunrise on Wednesday morning to get an early start for our sail to Vieques.

t night         moon

We were only a few miles from St. Thomas for the sunrise.


Even though 3 of the 6 crew members got a little seasick and lost their breakfast overboard after our first tack; it was a pretty uneventful and relaxing sail to Vieques.

Tyler and Rich plotting our location every hour on the chart.

t r plot 2 t r plott

Tyler likes to sail the waves

t surfing

He also fell asleep looking over the edge. He was not one of the crew members that got sick.

t sleeping

After a 6 hour sail……Land Ho!!!!

Land ho

Sail Pending moored in Puerto Real

SP in Puerto real

The main town is Esperenza and it has a beautiful beach front walkway with little bars and restaurants.

V water front      beach walk

After lunch we explored with the dingy and towed the kids in the kayak.


Looks Like this sailboat entered the wrong way… Whoops!!

sailboat that didn't make it

We dingied over to beautiful cove that we spotted as we were heading into Puerto Real.

beach2 beach

Kids had fun finding coconuts and trying to get them opened to drink the coconut juice.

t coconut   J coconut