We spent 3 nights moored in Puerto Real, just outside of Esperanza.

The day after we arrived we rented a car and toured the island. From Esperanza we drove west along the beach and the closest beach to where we were moored was Playa Grande.

Playa Grande 5 Playa Grande4 Playa Grande 3 Playa Grande2 Playa Grande1

One things we learned about Vieques is that each beach we visited was more beautiful than then the last, but some of the beaches can be tough to get to by car. Here is the road to Punta Arenas.

Road to GB3 Road to GB2 road to GB  Road to GB4

Punta Arenas or “Green Beach” is the Western Tip of the island.

green beach 6 green beach 4 green beach 3 green beach 2 green beach 1

Another beach we visited was El Gallito on the Northern side of the island.

El Galitto4 El Gallito3 El Gallito2 El Gallito1

We stopped by to thank a local lady who helped me coordinate our visit. I met Wanda through a cruiser Facebook page and she walked me through everything I needed to know about the island. Her house and guest cottages were absolutely stunning and her beach was the most beautiful beach we visited. She was nice enough to let us spend the reminder of our afternoon there. We call this beach Wanda’s Beach. If you ever visit Vieques and need a place to stay make sure to check out Ababor Suites, I will promise that you will not be disappointed.


Above is Wanda’s dog who was just left at her house as a stray a few weeks ago. A guest has adopted the dog and the dog is moving to Ohio…. This poor dog is going to wonder what the hell he did to have to move from this beautiful home to Ohio.


In the distance you can see a few of the wild horse that call Vieques home. They are seen everywhere around the island.


Wanda’s beach had a very calm tidal pool protected by a natural rock shelf. The tidal pool felt like bath water and had some little areas that you could sit in like a hot tub.


There are several South side beaches too that we didn’t make it to the first day… Stay tuned for Vieques Underwater, because these were the beaches that were calm enough for snorkeling.