The overnight passage across the Anegada passage was a success. The winds were 15-20 (we had an occasional gust or two to 30, but nothing too scary) knots from the North – North East. Seas were a 2-3 feet. It was actually a very nice ride and we sailed the entire way. Rich was very upset because the only time we had to start the engines was to charge our old batteries. Ugh!!!

At sunset we saw a pod of 3 whales that swam with us. (We didn’t get any pictures) and we had a beautiful sunrise in the morning. 

St. Martin greeted us with an early rainbow. 

I had a breakfast of Cheese, crackers, and hard boiled eggs prepared for us ahead of time. I knew we’d be hungry and tired when the sun came up. 

One of the first things we learned when we arrived was most places take USD and give you an even $1.00 = 1,00€. So, I feel as if I am getting a 10% discount on everything!!!!  

We check in on the French side for only $2.00 and put up our French courtesy flag.   
Then we go shopping and check out the town. 

Of course, we find French goodies like warm baguettes, fancy cheeses and wine.

Rich found a guy selling fresh Lobsters for $20 for 2.5 kilograms. (1 pound = 2.2 kilos) so that’s less than $8.00 a pound!!! Guess what’s for dinner. 

After shopping we went to Budget Marine and picked up our new batteries. Rich got his second wind and even installed them AND returned the old ones!!! We (ok, Rich) is getting a lot of stuff done for not having all that much sleep last night. 

Then, our daughter Kaycie called and said she found cheap airline tickets to St. Martin and that she was coming the next day!!! Really? That’s great!! I guess no day of rest for us.