From the lagoon, Grand Case is a short 3 mile sail along the North West Coast of St. Martin. We left the Lagoon through the Sandy Ground (French side) afternoon bridge opening. This bridge is only 29′ wide, but Tyler maneuvered 24′ wide Sail Pending through like a professional Captain!!! Here is a short video. Tyler driving through Marigot Bridge


The beach at Grand Case is absolutely beautiful!! The island you see in the back ground is Anguilla. The anchorage and dingy dock can get rolley since it’s a northern bay, but everything that the town has to offer makes the rolley night worth it. 


Sail Pending anchored in Baie Grand Case.  
Grand Case is considered the gastronomic center of St. Martin. The Main Street is lined with any thing you could want, from cute little Bar-B-Que places with picnic tables, to beach bars, to 5 star French Restaraunts with linen table cloths and fine china. So, we decided to splurge and have Lunch at one of the fancy places. 

 Our table nicely made with linen and China.   
The view from our table.



We ate pretty good. We started out with Foie Gras and Escargot. Tyler didn’t like either of them. 

 And had Salads as our main course. 

Rich had his topped with Duck Breast and Gizzards 

Mine was shrimp and Lobster

Both kids had Hamburgers???
There was complimentary house made Ginger Rum served afterwards. 


There is definitely something for everyone in Grand Case. Here are some pictures from our walk around town.








After all the walking we have to stop for a Gelato. 


Every Tuesday night there is a street festival with local vendors selling hand made jewelry, paintings, crafts, cloths and best of all International and local cuisine!!!

I got 3 hand made ankle bracelets from a vender for only $10.00!!

  Here is just a very small sample of some of the foods. Rich had a Stuffed Box Fish, which is s local fish that has a very hard shell. They stuff it with a bread stuffing and grill it. It’s amazing. A Box Fish and Heinehin was $6.50. 



When in a France Island, you must eat French Fries.  


And Crepes… 


The International Fares included…

Paella and Sangria,  




Shrimp and beef kabobs.   

Stuffed Crab Shells  


Grilled Red Snapper with Beans and Rice, pasta salad and Cole Slaw.  

Around 8:00-8:30 there is a parade with Caribbean dancers and local drummers. (I’ll post a YouTube video here if I can ever get it uploaded.) 

Needless to say, we did our best to eat our way through this epicurean town of the Caribbean, but there was still a lot of food that we just didn’t have room for or time to try. This is definitely a place we are going to come back to.