No, I did not spell that wrong. Barbuda IS the Last Unspoilt Paradise, exactly as it states on the sign at the Tourism Department.


A little after 8am on Sunday, April 3rd, we left Jumby Bay, Long Island  which is just off of North side of Antigua. The sun had to be high enough to visually navigate our way through the Hourseshoe Channel, so we could head North to Barbuda.   

It was a beautiful 4 hour sail. When we were still 2 miles from the coast of Barbuda, we could see a beautiful white sand beach that stretched the entire length of the island!!   

We anchored off of the beach at Coco Point, on the Southwestern side of the island. This 4 mile long beach was spectacular!!   

There was a small resort called CoCo Point Lodge that looked like a very relaxing place to stay, for anyone wanting to visit Barbuda by land. We dingied ashore to walk the beach and check out the resort’s beach bar. The walk along the beach was nice, but the resort was all inclusive and only catered to their guests. Bummer!!!

So, we had to move our dingy farther up the beach away from the resort and we walked along the beach some more and stumbled upon this blue building, which is the security guard for the private airport. 

Rich and Tyler asked the man when the next airplane was due to arrive. He said, “No plane today, mon. Maybe tomorrow”   

Here is a picture of the Control Tower.   

The man in the blue building is the Security Guard, Air Traffic Controler, and all around general information giver. Rich learns a lot about the island from him. It’s always great when you get local knowledge about an island. Here are some pictures of the airport.   

Along this beach is also a, now deserted, resort known as the “K  Club” where Princess Diana would vacation with her boys. Here are some pictures of the beach. 

There is an extensive broken reef that extends along the shore of the K-Club out about 1/2 a mile. It’s very easy to snorkel from the beach and there are so many reefs it would take weeks to view them all.   

The next day we sailed 14 miles North along the coast, around Palmetto Point and anchored inside Tuscon Rock along Low Bay Beach. Here is what the ChrisDoyle Crising Guide says about this stretch of the island.   

It was a scenic sail along a completely deserted, pristine creamy pink sand beache.

With the winds out of the South, it was a leisurely downwind sail and we sailed wing on wing almost the entire way. If every sailing day was like this, everyone would be out here doing this!!!  It was an absolutely the perfect sail. 


Part 2, we’ll explore the town of Codrington and the beach of Low Bay.