We anchored between Tuson Rock and Low Bay.   

As soon as we were assured our anchor was set, we decided to go and explore the town of Codrington with Kevin and Barbara from Escape Claws. We all jumped into our dingy and headed for the beach. Codrington is not located along the shore, as most other island towns, it is located directly across the Codrington Lagoon. This meant we had to drag our dingy 150′ up over the sand dune, into the lagoon, and then drive it 2 miles across the lagoon. Whew!! That was a workout!!

Once we got into the town we walked to the Tourism Department to get a map of the town. 

All of the buildings were surrounded by fences to keep the wild horses and donkeys, who roamed free, out of the yards. 

The school.  

A few sites around town.  

The water front  

As we were walking, we heard a man’s voice talking over a very loud speaker. We started following the voice and wound up at King’s Bar.   

The voice stopped, but very loud music continued. King got us each a cold Wadadli (the local beer) and explained that what we were hearing was the town cryer giving everyone the local news of the day. King said, “It’s like what you know as a radio station but you can’t turn it off and you can’t turn it down.”  It was the island’s special way to inform the people what is going on. 

King proudly told us that 80% of the people on the island now have a tv with cable antennas and can get news from all over the world. He pointed out the antenna’s on a few houses with cable, which really didn’t look like 80% of houses, but maybe only 20% of the houses we saw. 

We were also told by King, that a star from Hollywood called Robert Deniro just purchased the K Club and is going to build 60 condos along this stretch of beach. Now, this surprised us, because we have read that the Native’s of Barbuda do not want outsiders coming onto their island and destroying its natural beauty. So, we asked King how he felt about this? He said that Mr. Dinero promised to first build a trade school to teach the locals the trades needed for construction and since that the Barbudians can be the ones to build these condo’s, he was ok with the future plans. Here is a recent news artical about Robert DeNiro’s plans. 

 Link to news artical

The palm tree lined, 11 mile beach from Low Bay to Palmetto Point was more stunning than anticipated. The creamy pink sand was as soft as baby powder, but was mixed with small pink shells.  

 We walked and walked and walked along this beach. Notice how small  Tyler’s shadow is.   

Next up in Part 3, is our tour to the Frigate Bird nesting area and Southern Barbuda.