We decided to walk 1.5km up to the gardens instead of taking their free shuttle. It was a pretty steep hill and a hot walk.  

Whew!! We made it!!  

We knew we were in for something special by the looks at the pond at the entrance.   

Tyler feeding the fish in the pond.  

A few pictures of the colorful birds.  

The exotic flowers were stunning!   

There was a small stream with misty waterfalls to cool us off along our walk.   

The stroll through the garden was very relaxing and shady. It was relatively cool for how hot is was in the sun.   

There were all kinds of interesting plants, but everything was in French. Some plants we knew, but most we didn’t.   


Check out the thorns on the bark and the leaves of this tree. 


There was even a charging station for electric cars in the parking lot.  

Us being silly! 
We had a wonderful day and definitely recommend a stop here for anyone passing through Deshaies (Day-ay), Guadeloupe, F.W.I