Located on the Southeastern coast, this adorable small fishing village is a must visit stop for any cruiser or visitor to Gaudeloupe. 

Chris Doyle’s Guide to the Leeward Islands

The small bay is protected by a large reef and was very a protected and comfortable anchorage even with Southeastern winds. 

As soon as we drive our dingy into the marina, we could tell we were going to like this town. The marina Boardwalk is lined with quaint little French cafes, restaurants and shops. When we explored outside the marina we were welcomed into a working fishing village along a protected bay,    

 that is full of Caribbean colors and atmosphere. 
  The fisherman are working on their boats, nets, and traps.   


The fishermen are also selling their fresh catch of the day at the daily fish market. We can’t just window shop here!! We purchased 2 big Marlin Steaks for €10,00.  

Just a short walk up the street and past the church was the lady’s produce and spice market. 

Local women came here every morning to sell their fresh fruits,  


 and home grown and freshly ground spice mixes.  

We only spent two nights anchored here but could have explored this town even longer.