One of the questions we get from people is: “What do you eat and what kind of food do you prepare while living on a boat?” … Of course, the answer varies greatly depending upon where we are.

If we are located near a town or village we will try to get as many local fresh fruits and veggies as possible from local venders.   We’ll walk to the fresh market everyday or buy fruits and veggies from the local guys who come around selling items from their boat.

We use the fresh items to make whatever we can. Here I am simmering passion fruit and sugar cane to make an all natural Passion Fruit Juice.  No chemicals or high fructose corn syrup here!!!

If we are in a place that has a grassy bottom and we are allowed to take conch we will get a few conch and make a refreshing cold conch salad.

We eat A LOT of Lobster when it is in season.


If we see the locals eating something we’ve never seen before we ask about it and ask how to prepare it. Here is Philip, from Myreau Island teaching us how to clean and prepare Sea Urchin, also known as Sea Eggs. 

Philip taught us how to make Sea Egg fritters and cooked a huge batch up for us. 

I end up cooking and baking a lot more than I did at home. I bake home made bread and cinnamon rolls.

We hardly ever eat red meat anymore because a really good cut of beef is so hard to find. We eat a lot more pork, chicken and seafood.

Premade frozen hamburgers are usually easy to find, but fresh (not frozen) ground beef is not easy to find.

Quiche is also very easy because here the eggs do not need to be refrigerated, so they are easy to store.

Bacon Quiche and Tomato Salad
While we are underway we always have our fishing rods out, we mainly catch these Tuny Fish. They tasty and are easy to filet and grill.

Below, Rich reeled in a yellow fin Tuna!!

We always have good luck fishing when friends visit. Below, Mike is feeling in a Mahi!!

At the St. George’s Fish Market in Grenada there is always fresh tuna for $7.50EC a pound ($3.00 USD). So, we have been eating a lot Tuna in Grenada. 

Sushi and Grilled Tuna Steaks! Yum! 

Before we left, we read that most cruisers eating and cooking habits were very close to what they were while they were living on land. But, as you can see, our eating habits are completely different than the way we ate when we were living in PA. We eat a lot more fresh food even though we don’t have a car or a grocery store at every island we stop.

Provisioning for large items like toilet paper, paper towels and heavy items like cases of beer is always tough. We rented a car in Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe and stocked up!!

Grocery shopping is not as easy as jumping in a car and running a few miles to Wegman’s or Traders Joe’s, but I know the food I am buying is as fresh as healthy as it can possible be without any added chemicals or pesticides. Everything is organic here!!! Everything taste different here, as well; it has way more flavor and just taste better. People say things taste better on a boat, and they are right!!