As full time travelers, we put a lot of faith into where to go by reading and trusting travel guides. 

We anchored off the beach in Schoelcher, Martinique for several reasons:

Chris Doyle’s Guide to Windward Islands.

1.) The guide book says it is easier to rent a car here than in Fort-de-France.

2.) There is a microbrewery within walking distance!!

3.) It’s a less industrial area than Fort-de-France and a little quieter anchorage with a nice beach.    



 Finding a car is our main priority today, so we find a car rental agency on Google maps and walk to its location. Sounds easy, right? 

  …. Wrong. There was not a car rental agency there, it was only a school and sports park. We try to ask 2 different bus drivers where a car rental ageny was, but neither spoke English. They directed us towards the police station. I think they thought our car was stolen?😟

So, we walked back towards the beach and asked about a car rental agency at the police station. The police officer told us (via hand signals) a 5 minute walk and pointed down the street. He didn’t speak any English either. 

So, we keep on walking.

 Now, our thirst is taking over and our search for the microbrewery takes precedence over our search for a car rental. We also figure we can make a few phone calls to find a car rental while drinking beer. Kill two birds with one stone, right!! 

A cute picture painted on a wall under a bridge

YEA!!! We found the microbrewery fairly easily. 
 Double Yea!!! The beer is exceptional and very cold!!!   They only had 3 beers to choose from; Blond, Hefeweizen, Amber.

As you can see, I am one happy girl to be able to drink an ice cold, draft, microbrew!!! 

We made a couple of phone calls only to discover that absolutely no one speaks English here. We can usually get by with hand signals and drawings, but that does not work when talking on the phone. Good thing we have Beer!!! 

Tyler being goofy.   
Here are some pictures of our walk back to our boats.    


A cat with a fish in it mouth. The cat reminded us of our little Cessna. 

We decide to bite-the-bullet and pull anchor first thing tomorrow to go into the industrial area of Fort-de-France. We hope to find a car rental agency where we can use hand signals and drawings to explain to them we want to rent a car for 1 day.  Stay tuned…. Will we find a car to rent?