We motored around the corner from Schoelcher to Fort-de-France.  

 We anchored just off Fort Saint Louis.


After breakfast we dingied into the city and walked around trying to find a rental car. Here are some pictures from our walk. 

Asking for directions



looks just like a Frech city with tight streets



Statue of Napolean’s, Josephine.


We easily found a car by 9:30am headed off to do our errands.  

We found a car!

We heard that there were a lot of marine supply stores in Marin, so we drove there first to check it out.  

Then we drove up the Eastern Coast of Martinique through the towns of Francois, Saint Marie and Marigot. 


A fishing boat just arrived and locals were waiting to buy the fresh catch
    Then we headed inland towards Mount Pelee that volcano that destroyed St. Pierre.  Notice we are up in the clouds and a view of the sea below. 
This cow and bird seemed to be friends

Then we drove through Morne Rouge and through the rain forest on our way back to Fort-de-France.    
  It was a very busy day, but well worth the time to explore this beautiful island.