The private island of Mustique is a playground for the ultra-rich and famous. Even though the island is private visiting yachts may spend a few nights if they follow the strict rules set by the island.

Mustique was a exhilarating 15 mile reach from Blue Lagoon Marina on the main island of St. Vincent. The guide book warned us that the sea around the North side of Bequia can be very rough, and it was right!!!  We had 8-9′ crossing seas and were rocking sideways for  2 hours!! Good thing we had plenty of wind and made really good time. We strapped everything down and hung on until we were in the lee of the island of Musique.

The main reason we came to Mustique was for Basil’s world famous Jump Up, but as we were getting the mooring ball the government official told us Basil’s was closed for renovations. Since mooring balls are pretty expensive here, at $25 USD a night (minimum 3 night stay) we almost left, but we decided to pay the $75 USD and stay for 3 days. We are glad that we did.
Below is the view from the dingy dock. IMG_4242

The Main Street street in Mustique is lined with unique charm. Here is a picture of the outside of Basil’s which is being remodeled.IMG_4243

The street is lined with cute buildingsEF3B515F-9C2A-4677-A5B3-113706BB6BD8

and fresh food markets.


I thought this sign was really funny!IMG_4252

More views from around the fishing village.IMG_4266


The fishermen were drying their fresh catch
The small beach the borders the village.


Since Basil’s was the only restaurant on the beach and not open we had to ask around and find somewhere else have our celebratory “crossing drink”. We found a place called “D View” and it lived up to it’s name!! A taxi driver named Boom Boom took us up to D View.

He dropped us off and we asked him for a phone number so we could call him to pick us up in an hour or two and he said, “De walk down is easy mon, just follow de steps” and he pointed to a set of steps next to the restaurant.

He was right, the walk down the steps was very short easy walk. We even passed a peacock in a cage.

We enjoyed a nice dinner on the boat with a beautiful sunset each night.

Every morning Rich and I woke up early and took a long walk on the beach. This beach has been one of the most beautiful and private beaches we have come across so far. We walked for hours, along this palm tree lined beach, each morning and never saw another person.



When you couldn’t walk along a sandy beach any longer the island built steps and stone walkways so you could continue along the perimeter of the island.

We found a huge pile of conch shells that have been discarded by fishermenIMG_4283

As I mentioned in the beginning, Mustique is a playground for the Ultra-Wealthy Celebrity’s of the world. This is a place they can come and get away from paparazzi and crazed fans. There are only 100 private homes on this island. Here are a few of the homes we saw.

Tommy Hilfiger
Mr. Lynch from Merrill Lynch Bank
Brian Adams has the beach on the right, his neighbor with the smaller beach is Mick Jager
Jack Daniels family home
The house that the Middleton Family frequents. (Kate Middleton)
Shanya Twain house is on the top of the hill overlooking this equestrian center.

The island has one of the nicest airports we’ve seen in the islands. The Billionaires have to get their planes in here!!!IMG_4328

There is even the islands version of a Home Depot.IMG_4347

Here are a couple of statues on the island

Some of the signs around the island.


There were  ton of seagulls around too. Here are a few shots I got of them flying around our boat.27135A43-4D1E-4A00-BF55-B64395070A25

Mustique will be on our list of islands to return to when we head North. Hopefully, Basil’s will be open when we come back.