Our second stop in the Grenadine’s was the island of Bequia. 

IMG_4410We anchored off of Tony Gibbons Beach (also known as Princess Margret Beach), our anchor usually sets pretty easily but this time it took us 5 times to get is set properly. The bottom was a thick clay and the anchor did not dig in right away.

There was a nice walkway from our anchorage into town. It was built out of wood and a little rickety and scary, so we only took the walkway once…. The rest of the time we took the dingy into town.

View from the wooded walkway that was built into the side of the cliff
The sunset our first night there was pretty remarkable.


The next morning we woke up to a beautiful Rainbow,IMG_4433

the #1 Bread Man selling baguettes,IMG_4426

and a laundry boat who picked up your dirty laundry and returned it cleaned and folded, the same day for about $6.00 USD a load.IMG_4435

…. and I thought, ” I AM REALLY GOING TO LIKE THIS ISLAND!!! “

The town of Port Elizabeth is a charming fishing village along the water.

We took a walk around town and here are some pictures of the gingerbread style buildings that this island is famous for.

We stayed in Bequia longer than we initially planned, but that was a really good thing because over the next few days several kids boat descended upon the anchorage.


Boat kids usually become instant friends.

Boat parents usually do too!
It was Bequia Carnival weekend so we all headed into town to join in the celebrations.IMG_4476

The music was VERY loud!! Check out the speakers on the truck above. Below, Rich and Tyler are Buying cheap drinks (beer and soda) out of a van. Something seems very wrong about this.


After a few drinks, some local food and deafening music we all decided to go back and build a bonfire on the beach.

One of our favorite things about this anchorage was being able to walk along a beautiful beach every morning. Here are some pictures from our walks.

There was a small cave to walk through (above)

The view from the cave to our anchorage (below)

The view from the other side of the cave. It came out to a calm tidal pool.IMG_4491

This little guy wanted his picture taken. He stood and posed for us.IMG_4486

We had an amazing time in Bequia and met up with some great people. 

Onto the island on Myreau next.