This blog will also be mostly pictures because, as you will see, the beauty of the Tobago Cays is indescribable.

The turquoise blue water was crystal clear. We got our anchor set and just sat on the bow and watched 5-6 sea turtles leisurely swimming around the boat.


The first day we were there we took it easy, caught up on school work and just took quick snorkels around the boat. The next morning Rich and Tyler went snorkeling and then in the afternoon we went to check out the beach.

Petit Tabac is the small island in the distance

The beach Did Not Suck!IMG_4669

Once again there were lots of kids.

So, That means lots of parents too…IMG_4668

We spent 4-5 nights anchored here and then went over to Petit Tabac for the day. I still have to pinch myself when we pull our home up to a uninhabited island paradise!! I keep thinking my life is only a dream that I am going to wake up from and be back in the real world. IMG_4679

Petit Tabac is the island that was used in Pirates of the Caribbean scene where all the rum was burned.

People who visited this island before us built coral and stone sculptures

and we added to them.

Then we took a walk on the beach with the crew from Saltair 3.IMG_4713IMG_4710.jpg

Sail Pending and Saltair 3 anchored in paradise


The crews from Sandy Feet and So What dingied across from the anchorage we spent the last night and the kids built a shelter out of palms.

Here are some more pictures of this beautiful island.

View of the island as we are sailing away….IMG_4720

Next stop…. The anchorage being Frigate Island, near the town of Ashton, Union Island.