The forecast was calling for the wind to blow hard the next couple of days, so we needed to find a protected anchorage on the Leeside of an island, so after we left Petit Tabac we headed for Union Island. We read that Ashton, Union Island was good for provisioning so Saltair 3 and Sail Pending headed to the anchorage behind Frigate Island, which is also a easy dingy ride into Ashton.

From Chris Doyle’s guide to the Windward Islands.
We had a nice dinner on board and Cole and Tyler watched a movie.

When we arrive the anchorage was nice and calm but as the night went on it got rollier and roller…. The next morning we made a run into Ashton to pick up some supply’s. Ashton was a very cute town and everyone was really friendly. Here are some pictures from our walk around.

Graduation was taking place at the church.

This guy on the bike gave us a tour around town 

Goats were everywhere

The Dingy dock

The left door was the hardware store / The right door was the grocery store.

Conch shells were everywhere!!

Our tour guide brought us back to the dingy and waited for his tip. 😉
We found a local fisherman who was going free diving for Conch and he asked us if we wanted to go with him. Krista from “Saltair 3” and I decided to stay on the boat while the boat went out with him and his friend to catch conch…..

I just saw Rich and Tyler get into a small boat with two strangers smoking Ganga…. I hope they come back alive!!!

After searching several stores and having the guys get us conch, this is what I ended up finding for our pot luck dinner!!!

7 Pounds of Conch, 2 cans of Evaporated milk, 2 packets of coconut powder, I can’t believe it is not Butter, and a package of wheat crackers…. Plan is to make Coconut Curry Conch over rice and a Key Lime pie, using the Crackers as the crust. IMG_4737

When the guys got back we motored around the corner to Chatham Bay, where it will be calmer to ride out the winds. “Escape Claws” was already there and told us the bay was really calm. The bay was super calm and NOT windy at all so we decided to raft up with “Saltair 3”, and create the ultimate party boat!! “Escape Claws” decided to stay far away from the kid’s boats. Which was probably smart.

Tyler and Cole had a great time playing and setting up a boat swing between our masts.

Then our friends on “Sandy Feet” come around the corner.

Whats better than a 2 boat raft up? A 3 boat raft up, right?

What could possibly go wrong?

We all had a really fun night. Sail Pending hosted a Pot Luck dinner and a mean game of adult Domino’s and the kids watched a movie on “Sandy Feet”. Here is all the food from the pot luck. We all ate really good this night. IMG_4753

The next day Cole went up the mast to take some pictures.


The Sail Pending Crew

The Sandy Feet Crew


Well….what went wrong with our 3 boat raft up was the 3 boats all swung around and did 2 complete 360 degree circles overnight and our anchor chains were all tied together in a big knot. Also, Sailair’s anchor was not longer holding in the sand, it somehow got wrapped around Sandy Feet’s bridle!!! Andy from “Sandy Feet” went in the water to negotiated the knot and told us which way to circle the boats to get the knot untied. Hopefully, you’ll see more about this procedure in an upcoming Trio Travel’s vlog.

There was a really cool looking resort/bar area at the South side of the bay that we checked out. Unfortunately, it was a closed resort. Here are a few pictures.

A little later on “So What” arrived and we all had a nice dinner at a restaurant on the beach. Here’s the entire crew getting ready for dinner. Whoever says that the cruising life is a lonely lifestyle is WRONG!!! There are soon many interesting families out here doing the same thing.

Tyler, Richard, Kristie, Barbara, Kevin, Bushman, Brad, Cole, Krista, Oliver, Andy, Natalie, Laura, Lexi, Nika, Jen, and Greg,