Culebra has always been one of our favorite islands. It’s small and quaint, but there is a huge ferry that travels to and from Fajardo, Puerto Rico a couple times a day that costs only $2.50 each way. This makes provisioning at a larger island easy and inexpensive. You get the best of both worlds here!

Another of the many things that makes Culebra so charming is that people own golf carts to run around the island. We rented golf carts with the crew from Saltair 3 to explore the many beaches of the island. We decided to splurge and upgraded to the off-road version for an additional $5.00!!

The first beach we stopped was Zoni Beach on the North Eastern side of the island. Zoni Beach stretches at least a mile with creamy white sand and lined with palm trees. You can spend hours here and be the only human enjoying this beach the entire time. 

We stood by the same tree a year ago and had our pictures taken.

Zoni Beach 2016 ^
Zoni Beach 2015 ^

Quite a change, huh? The 2016 family looks a lot happier. We are standing closer together and Rich and I have lost some weight!! 

After Zoni Beach we drove around town where Tyler and Cole found their perfect vehicle; an old VW pickup truck. 

Cool Ride dudes!!

I can definitely picture these two driving around an island in truck to find the perfect surfing spot. 

Then we toured a few more beaches. 

It was lunch time, so we ate a local style lunch at a kiosk on Flamenco Beach and spent the afternoon body surfing. I can’t believe we didn’t get a picture of the delicious Garlic Shrimp Mufungo!! YUM!!!

That night our friends on s/v Trebuchet captured Sail Pending while taking a picture of the beautiful sunset. 

Since Culebra is located off the Eastern Coast of Puerto Rico, it’s fairly easy to travel to and from the East Coast of the United States. If any of our friends, up North are looking for a quick get away to a warm place this winter, I recommend checking out Culebra. Just book a flight to Puerto Rico, take a taxi to Fajardo and get the next ferry to Cluebra. This island is as casual and chill as you can get. You can find a beautiful beach that you will have all to yourselves or a lively beach bar with a fun vibe and live, local music. If you are looking for a posh, all inclusive resort, this is not the island for you, but if you are looking for a fun getaway with a little adventure thrown in, then this island is perfect!!! Have fun and get away to somewhere warm!! It looks cold up there. Brrrrrrrr….. 

If you want to see more of our time in Culebra, please check out Tyler’s video at the link below:

Tyler’s YouTube video about Culebra

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