From Culebra we had a short 25 mile, downwind sail to Ilsa Palomino (Palomino Island) which is about 3 miles of the coast of Puerto Rico. The luxurious  Waldorf Astoria, El Conquisador Resort owns part of Palomino Island and uses it exclusively for their guest. There is a comfortable fast ferry that travels back and forth from the island to the resort about every 1/2 hour. 
We pulled in and picked a morning ball up next to our friends on Saltair 3; as known as Trio Travels. They arrived a couple hours ahead of us. 

Cole was already to go explore the island and paddled over to get Tyler as soon as we arrived. Tyler threw his paddle board in the water and they were off. Rich and I stayed onboard and enjoyed a late lunch before heading to the island. 
After lunch we dropped the dingy, motored ashore and beached the dingy on the beach on the Northern side of the ferry dock. After walking along a huge fence which stretched along the beach and dock, we couldn’t find a way off of the beach and on to the other parts of the island, but we couldn’t find the boys either. We did find a small 4′ high gate that was pad locked and figured the boys must have climbed over the gate to get in. So, we did a quick look around to make sure no one was watching and climbed the gate. As we were walking around the resort we found the boys, playing miniature golf!!! 

Our conversation went like this:
Tyler: Hey, how did you guys get in here? 
Rich: we climbed the fence at the gate. How did you guys get in? 
Tyler: We climbed the fence too.

Tyler and Cole together: Everything in here is free!!! 

There were all types of fun games on the beach to play. 

If you didn’t want to play games you could find a chair on the beach and work on your tan. 

Or, relax under the shade of a palm tree. 

The next morning we dinghied over to a small sandy spit call Isla Palamintos. We thought this place would be the perfect place to fly the drone, and we were right!!! The two islands are surrounded by a huge reef. 

We had the entire island to ourselves!!! 

We are more thankful everyday that we get to live this amazing life. Remote islands like this make us truly appreciate everything we have given up to be here. Life is not about how many things you can accumulate, but about how many memories you get to enjoy together. 

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