The Yacht Club Marina at Palmas del Mar is by far the nicest marina we have visited since we’ve move on board!! This community of boaters and staff are the friendliest group of people we have met along the way. 

Palmas de Mar is a gated community located about 3 miles South of Humacao, Puerto Rico. The Yacht Club is the marina between the community and the sea. 

The town of Humacao has almost everything you need to provision and many well known US food franchises to satisfy your cravings from back home. 
The pool is inviting and a great place to spend the afternoon reading a good book. It’s perfectly located on the side of the marina where the trade winds are always blowing, so you can work on your tan without getting too hot!! 

Rafael at the Tiki Bar, by the pool, makes the best Cheeseburgers in the entire Eastern Caribbean. I am not exaggerating either!!! He makes a 16 oz double cheese burger that I will still be craving from the other side of the world! I can’t even count how many we’ve eaten in the past few weeks.

Rafeal and his famous cheeseburgers!!
Target Rent a Car is conveniently located in the parking lot of the marina. They have newer cars that are clean and in decent condition. They charge between $35-50 a day, depending upon the time of the year. We also rented a car one-way to the San Juan airport. A one-way fee of of $40.00 is applied, but thi was still less expensive than getting a taxi and we ran around to do some shopping before leaving for the airport and on our way back from the airport to the marina. 

Since we are at a marina we decided to have our rigging professionally checked. We contacted Joaquin from The Rigging Shop. He was very through and did a great job. The cost was only $80; money well spent for peace of mind that our rigging is in good condition and ready for another year of cruising. 

I can not recommend The Yacht Club enough!!! We have never been a crew who has liked being in a marina. We have always come in, gotten done what we needed to do and left…. This Marina has sucked us in and we are going to have a hard time leaving this community that has made us feel so welcomed. 

To learn more about The Yacht Club Marina watch out YouTube video below. 

YouTube video of The Yacht Club 
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