1.) As a family we are going to reduce our use of single use plastic items. 

It is heart-breaking to see all of the plastic that is floating in the ocean and washed ashore abandoned on uninhabited islands. Do you know that every straw that you have used in your life time is still around somewhere; whether it is laying on a beach or in a landfill is pointless. The point is, it is still on this planet and with every straw, plastic stirrer, bag, bottle, etc, that we use, it’s accumlating and adding to the the plastic pollution on this planet. It’s only a small step, but we are going to do our part and this is how. 

– We have been using reusable water bottles, but sometimes we forget them. If we forget them this year, we will stay thirsty because we will NOT purchase single use plastic bottles of any kind. When we purchase fresh coconut water we will take reusable bottles for them to fill. 

– We have purchased reusable copper straws. When we go out to restraraunts we will take our reusable straws and ask the server not to put straws in our drinks. 

– We will also take our own cups to beach bars and restraraunts that use single use plastic cups. They will use our reusable cups or we won’t purchase a drink. 

– We are usually very good about taking our reusable grocery bags to the store and will continue not to use plastic bags. 

2.) Keep up with our Blog and Vlog. 

After looking back over our pictures and videos last year we realized that we are missing a lot of islands and adventures because we didn’t didn’t take any pictures or videos. It’s crazy!!! We are traveling to some of the most beautiful and remote places on this planet; places that most people will never get to see and we didn’t take ANY pictures or videos to share!!! Ugh, we promise to be better this year. 

Here is a link to our YouTube channel: 


3.) We want to not only learn Spanish but be fluent in Spanish. 

We will be traveling through Spanish speaking countries for the next year and we don’t want to be a typical tourist who visits for a few days and leaves. We want to immerse ourselves in the Latin Americian history, culture and language. 

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives!! Our goal everyday is to be happy and make this planet a better place to live.