Dining Options in Cuba

There are a couple different types of dining options in Cuba.

1.) The Government Restaurants: These are easy to find and where most tourist will go. They are just like any nice restaurant in the United States or throughout the world and usually have a vast menu of items to satisfy anyone’s palette. The table are covered with beautiful tablecloths and will have matching plates and cutlery. The service will be top notch. The prices at these are in CUC’s

2.) Private Paladars: These small restaurants are located in a private home. Some are government approved others are not. They are a little harder to find and usually you have to ask a local to take you to one or sometimes a local will approach you and ask if you are looking for something to eat.

The private paladars will only offer locally sourced food and may only have one or two specialties on the menus. Sometimes the person taking your order is also the one cooking your food. So, patience is key here, but it will not go unrewarded. The food is served with love and is usually as fresh as you could possibly get!! The prices listed at these are usually in CUP’s, but can be in CUC’s at the government approved establishments.

3.) Food Kiosk’s and Street Vendors: These can be found anywhere there are people gathering, such as a busy street or ferry dock. They will serve anything from fresh fruits, to warm roasted peanuts, pork sandwiches, to a whole roasted pig. The prices listed at these are usually CUP’s

We have tried to eat mostly at private paladars and the food has been amazing!!! We have only been here 3 full days and have eaten the local Shrimp, Lobster, Calamari, Octopus, Red Snapper and have been impressed by every meal.

The picture is of the first paladar that we visited just outside of Santiago de Cuba. It was located on the 2 and third floor of the home, with spectacular views overlooking the bay.