Adalberto was one of the first people we met when we arrived, because as soon as we cleared custom we went to the marina restaurant to get something to eat.

Aldalberto was our server at the government operated restaurant above the marina and I think we may have been his only customers all day. Aldalberto allowed us to pay for our meal in USD since it was too late to get into the city to exchange our money into Cuban Currency.

Aldalberto was so happy to serve us and kept asking if we needed anything and if everything was alright. I had a plate of grilled shrimp in a lite garlic sauce over rice, Rich had a skirt steak, and Tyler had pork. All plates were served with a fresh green salad and Aldelberto gave us another plate that was toppling over with extra rice. After the long crossing the cold beer tasted amazing and Rich and I each had 3!! Tyler has 2 of Cuba’s versions of Sprite. Our entire bill came to $30 USD, so we gave Aldelberto $35.00 USD and told him to keep the change. He was ecstatic!!! He gave us his telephone number and address and told us we must come visit him and meet his family. We explained to Aldelberto that we were very tired from the crossing and told him we couldn’t make any plans right then. We asked him when he worked next and that we would come back to plan a visit. He told us that he worked the next day so we asked if he could make us Mojito’s and he said yes, that his brot
her grows mint in his garden at home and he would bring a bunch to make us Mojito’s the next day. As we left he shook our hands and then hugged each of us, so happy that we arranged a return visit. He said he could not wait to see us the next day.

Note: At this point we were in the country for a little over an hour. It seemed very odd to us that Aldelberto would invite us back to his home…. but now, as I write this 48 hours later we are realizing that this is normal Cuban culture. The people of Cuba are as intrigued with the outside world as we are of them and their country.

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