Pedro and Rosa

From the Green House down the hill from the Marina

Pedro approached us as we went for a walk in the small village outside the marina gates on the first day that we arrived in Cuba. He introduced himself and spoke excellent English. He told us his daughter just got married and was waiting for the car to arrive with her and her new husband. He wanted us to wait to see how beautiful his daughter looked on her special day. How could we say NO? ….. and yes, she looked absolutely stunning!!

He also told us to make ourselves feel at home here in his community and that he lived in the “green house down the hill.” He told us that he could get us anything we needed. All we had to do was ask and he would find a way. He also introduced us to his wife and she offered to do our laundry for us while we were here.

Over the past week, Pedro has ended up being invaluable to us!

We named it and he could get it….

1.) He filled our Jerry cans up with diesel fuel. (The government run marina is out of water and fuel)

2.) He got us the most amazing 15 year old Aged Rum, directly from the factory for less than $5 a bottle.

3.) He exchanged USD into CUC’s for an exchange rate much better than then the banks without the 10% penalty.

4.) He got us cigars, fruits, veggies.

…. and his wife Rose did all of our laundry by hand. Wash, Dry and Folded was only about $2.00 a bag.

5.) Since the “Cat Crew” is here and there are now 10 of us, he also offered to get an entire pig and roast it for us at his house. Unfortunately, we don’t have time for this experience, because we all have to keep moving West…..

….but, we did have dinner with him and Rosa before the Cat Crew arrived.