Dinner with Pedro and Rosa

Rosa served us Chicken, Rice, fried plantain chips, and salad. It was very simple and delicious.

During dinner, Pedro was still running his business by filling diesel canisters for other cruisers and selling cigars. Think of eating dinner at a gas station. The filled Jerry cans were stored in a bedroom and carried out through the dining room as people came to pick them up.

After the Jerry cans were picked up by their owners, Pedro got out the Rum. He poured us each a glass out of a 5 gallon plastic water jug. At this point we really weren’t expecting a quality product….

He explained that his cousin worked in a Rum factory and that this Rum was aged 15 year and very special. (Ok, still not expecting much) ….Amazingly, It was some of the smoothest Rum we have ever tasted!!! We negotiated for him to get us 17 bottles, for $80 CUC.

…. and NO, all the Rum is not all for us. As we move farther West and into La Jardin de la Reina, we will need Rum to trade for Lobster, with the Fishermen.

The is another experience that we will definitely never forget!!