Cayo Piedra Chiquita

From Cayo Granda we sailed about 50 miles Northwest to Cayo Piedra Chiquita. Most of the way we followed a deep, well marked channel, but to get from the marked channel to the anchorage we had to weave through an unmarked shallow area of sandbars and coral heads. We were having a hard time finding our way through with our depth reading “0” many times. We almost gave up but then decided to launch the drone to have a overhead view of the water. It worked!!! We found the unmarked and uncharted channel and carefully made our way into the anchorage.

We were told by another cruiser that crocodiles lived in the mangroves here and we ventured in to find them. Our friends, Andy and Laura from s/v Sandy Feet didn’t just want to see the crocodiles they wanted to get in and swim with them and photograph them. While Andy and Laura were in the water with the croc, the rest of us safely watched from our dinghies and drank rum!!! We finished the evening with a sunset dinghy drift through the mangroves spotting birds and other wildlife.

The water at this anchorage was crystal clear and there was a ton of life under our boat. A huge, spotted eagle ray kept making appearances by jumping completely out of the water between our boats and a couple nurse sharks could be seen resting in the bottom on the way into the anchorage. The snorkeling was amazing!!!

This was our first anchorage in the marine sanctuary part of La Jardines de la Reina and it did not disappoint.