Cayo Caballones

This is the largest and most popular anchorage in La Jardines de la Reina. This is where the Liveaboard Dive boats are anchored and close to where the floating hotel is located.

We spent two nights in this anchorage. The first day we arrived pretty late in the afternoon and just did a quick snorkel around our boat. There were giant lobsters just walking under the boat that we could pick up with our bare hands…..Rich was having a very difficult time with this!!! I kept saying Communist Prison and that would help for a few minutes, until he stuck his head back under the water. Then, I would have to say it again.

The next day we all hopped aboard Sandy Feet as they went looking for the sharks that this area is famous for. While Andy was chumming for sharks, Laura was giving us a presentation about sharks and what to look for while swimming with them. One of the most important things was how to tell a happy shark, from a not so happy shark. Within minutes of chumming, a 10′ Silky Shark appeared and soon after that 2 other smaller silky sharks approached. Andy and Laura got in the water first to observe the sharks and make sure they would be calm with others in the water too. We all got a chance to get in the water and swim with the sharks and swam with them for about 2 hours. It’s was pretty amazing and we got a ton of video and drone footage from the day. We can’t wait to share it.

After we all got out of the water Andy fed the sharks a couple cans of Mackerel and they were so calm he was practically hand feeding it to them.

I am so thankful to the crew of Sandy Feet for giving us the opportunity to observe and swim with sharks in their natural environment and for teaching us that sharks are not as aggressive and as dangerous as the media makes them out to be. They are beautiful and curious creatures and an important part of a healthy reef and ocean environment.

Also, If you want to see some amazing photos make sure to follow our amazing friends, from s/v Sandy Feet, @andycorb and @lauracorbe on Instagram.