There are so many words that could describe these 2 uninhabited islands, but not one of them would accurately describe the absolute beauty of them.

Picturesque!!! The Palm tree lined beach here is picturesque…    


Majestic!!! The majestic lighthouse sits proudly on top of the island guiding the ships at sea.  



Spectacular!!! The colorful unobstructed sunsets are spectacular.  


Awe-Inspiring!!! Swimming with the turtles and other sea life was awe-inspiring.  

Tyler swimming with a friendly Turtle

Intriguing!!! There were 1000’s of intriguing Iganas running wild on the island and they were amazing to watch.  


Pristine!!! The water is so crystal clear and pristine that the snorkeling is amazing.       


In the photo below, Tyler is actually standing near a 15′ cliff. This shows you how clear the water is.  
  Small shark swimming along the beach. 
Most Photo’s by our guest Shawn Rowe. Shawn spent two weeks with us on board cruising around Guadeloupe and the surrounding islands. 

Here are a few more pictures of our stay. 

Views of Blow holes from our walk to the top of the island. First the holes blow a little stream of water and then the waves crash.
A sign on the island.    

Rich trying to catch a shark.
This turtle was so friendly and loved being photographed.  

Most cruising guides do not say much about these islands and we almost didn’t stop here. That would have been a big mistake…These islands should NOT be missed if you are cruising anywhere around Guadeloupe.