The anchorage at Saint Louis, Marie-Galante is wide open and spacious. It’s located on the Northwestern side of the island and a perfect place to rent a car to explore the Northern cliffs.  

The sandy bottom of the anchorage had a few rocky areas with very colorful and healthy sea life. Here are a few pictures of an area that Rich and Shawn found when they snorkeled to check our anchor. 

photos by Shawn Rowe

There is a large concrete ferry dock with a well maintained floating dingy dock located on the South side. The guide books also say that you can beach your dingy too.  

The village of Saint Louis is a charming French Caribbean town. Here are some pictures of our walk around town. 


The next morning we rented a car to explore the rest of the island. It wasn’t the newest or the most well maintained car, but it got us around the island safely. 

   First stop the cliffs on the Northern side of the island.

Shawn reaching to get the perfect picture.

Next stop was the Bellevue Rum Distillary where they still make rum the old fashion way; with real sugar cane! 


Time for lunch!! We had an amazing lunch in Capesterre, a small village on the Southeastern side of the island.  

 After lunch we took a quick walk along the beach road. …. Stay tuned. Our afternoon in Marie-Galant will be coming next in part 2.