After our walk around Capesterre we found a dirt road that weaved North along the water to view the Grottos and beach on the Eastern edge of the island. The prevailing winds and waves heavily beat the Eastern Coast, so this is not an area we can get to with Sail Pending, so our only option to explore is by car. The rocks were jaggy and black
but the sand was a beautiful creamy pink color. 

Then we drove along the South side of the island, past the airport, to the largest town on the island, Grand Bourg.   

Grand Bourg is a very industrial town and lots of people getting on and off the multiple ferry’s that come and go everyday.   


We have no idea what the sign says but it was neat!

After we walked around Grand Bourg we made our way back towards Saint Louis (where Sail Pending is anchored). We passed old ruins and turned around to take a closer look.  

 As we walked around we learned that it was The Roussel-Trianon Sugar Plantation built in 1669.  

 What is so impressive about this plantation is the intricate details of the carved stone on the windmill and other locations around the plantation.  

A Heart and Star carved into the stone on the windmill
The detail showcases the dedication the slaves put into building and operating this plantation and the skills that they had. 
As we walked around we were in awe, just thinking about how these stones were hand carved and put together without the use of machines in the 17 century.  

We are so happy we took the time to stop and explore Marie-Galante. It may be off the normal path for most cruisers, but if the weather conditions permit, this small island should not be missed.