Iles des Saintes are located about 10 miles off the Southern coast of Gaudeloupe.  

 This group of islands are made up of 7 different islands, two of which are habited and the others are not. Bourg des Saintes is the town on the island of Terre d’en Haut, and this is where we rented our car and drove around this charming island.  

The island is not very big and our goal is to drive on every road that the island has, starting with the town of Bourg de Saintes.  

 Then we travel up the hill towards Pain a’ Sucre and saw this spectacular view of the harbor.  


We ran across an old ruin with a couple very friendly goats that came to greet us as soon as we pulled in. 

Just another stunning view as we were driving around. 

Ilet a Cabrit (close) and Guadeloupe (far)
Below is the beach at the western edge of the island by Pt. Dubois Joli 
Then we had to drive back into town and head towards the Southern side of the island. Our next stop was Plage de Figuier.     
Next stop, Grand Anse; a large beach with breaking waves on the Southeastern coast.  
   One of the most unique things at this beach was the different workout stations that were installed for the public to use for free. So, we all had to try them out and get a little exercise.   


 After a good work out it was time to expire Fort Napolean, which sits atop of the 325′ hill looking North towards Guadeloupe.   

  The fort is designed to be hidden from the sea. It is built into the mountain and surrounded by a dry moate.   

Inside the fortified walls were different buildings. 

 The views from the fort were absolutely amazing!!!    

Looking East into Marigot (above); below, looking south into Bourg des Saintes

  After the fun day driving around the island we were tired and hungry. We met up with Escape Claws for dinner in town.   
The Frech islands are amazing places to eat out. The food is as good as eating in France, if not better, because of the influence of Caribbean spices, attitude and culture.  

Foie Gras and Smoked Fish

Stay tuned…. Next we’ll tour Ilet Cabrit, an uninhabited island North West of Terre d’en Haut.