We took a walk to Fort Shirley and Cabrit National Park. The walk took us along the beach  

 and past a deserted resort where construction stopped a few years ago. 

   Then we got to the entrance of the National Park.  

We walked up the hill towards the Fort.  

 Fort Shirley has been completely updated. Here are some pictures of our walk around the Fort.  


The original settlers that landed in Jamestown, VA landed in Dominica a few weeks before. Here is a plaque from Virgina. 

    The outdoor kitchen was pretty cool!!  

The trees around were a great learning experience. 
 A group of huge Mahogany Trees.  A teak tree  

We walked back down the hill.   
 and waved at our friends on Time Out as they were leaving and headed towards The Saintes. 

 We walked back to town and ate lunch at The Purple Turtle.  


and had Passion Fruit Rum drinks on the boat!! 

It’s always an amazing day on the water!!!