The Indian River is probably the most famous river in Dominica. This river was used to film parts of Pirates of The Caribbean II. 

Martin picked us up from our boats at 6:30am. It was an early morning as we viewed the sun come up over the mountain,   
  and were greeted by a bright double rainbow. 

There are no motors allowed in the river, so Martin turned off the engine and paddled us up the river.   

He talked about the history of the island and pointed out different birds and crabs along the way. 

The root systems and foliage along the river was breathtaking!!  

The prop of the witches house from the movie is still there    so, the kids had to go explore it looking for the witch.

More pictures from along the river.   

  A crooked Palm. (Below)   
 Martin Rowing.   

Some of the crabs Martin pointed out.

More River scenes.   
We stopped at a river garden at our turn around point.  
The garden was full of flowers and herbs. 

  The boat used for our river tour.   
   A black humming bird with bright green wings. (Below)   
 Flower called Porcelin Rose. 
Our group. Time out, Escape Claws and Sail Pending         
 Tyler had the best seat in the boat on the way back. 

This was an amazing tour!!! If you’re ever near Dominica, do not miss the Indian River. 

Link to video of our tour