Every once and awhile we find a charming area that we don’t want to pass through too quickly. The town of Saint Anne, on Martinique’s Southern coast is one of those places. It has everything we look for in an anchorage; Hiking, beach and beach bars, shopping, night life, and snorkeling!!

Did you know, 95% of the people in Martique are Roman Cathloic? There is a historic church in the center of most towns, including Saint Anne. 


Statues built into each side of the Church
Inside of the church 


We walked up this trail every morning. 

At each of the 12 turns, there is a monument with the stations of the cross and people kneeling and praying along the way.    

 View From the top.   

  There was a meditation room at the top too.  

 After our walk the boys always needed chocolate!!! We are in France 🇫🇷, so we have to get it while we can. 

We ended up staying in St. Anne for 8 days!!! Which is a pretty long time in one place for us. The first couple days our friends on Stop Work Order were in the anchorage, as well. We hung out on the beach.  

One night all the adults went for a kayak ride. Here’s the crews from s/v Stop Work Order and Escape Claws. 


 The fresh market in town was on Saturday another reason we stayed 8 days. 😜 Fresh pork was 10€ for 1 kilo (2.2 pounds). We bought all of this for about $21.00


The larger town of Marin was about a 2 mile dingy ride. We would go in there and get boat parts and we ate out at a fun Restaraunt where you cook your meat at the table.  


We will be back to this area, but we just checked out of Martinique because we have to keep moving south since “H” season started a few days ago. …. Next stop, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia!!