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St. Lucia

We had a really nice passage from St. Anne, Martinique to Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. The winds we a steady 15-20knots and seas were nice. We had our fishing rods out, but did not even had a bite!!As soon as we anchored in Rodney Bay we were greeted by Gregory, who was selling fruits and veggies from his boat. He kindly welcomed us and told us he could get us anything we need. 

We purchased a few things from him and they were delicious!!

Rich went in and checked us in and then we raised the courtesy flag. 

The next day we rented a car to explore the island from the land. 

As we were driving around we discovered it was election day. These little stands were set up along the roads so the people could come and vote. 

Me picking up some fresh mango’s from the side of the road.

We stopped and had lunch in the town of Soufriere which is at the base of the Piton’s.

Our little rental car.

Over looking the town of Anse la RayeThe rain washed mud into the bay of 

The next day was not rainy and was much nicer so we had a beach day!! There was an obstacle course set up in the water that Rich and Tyler wanted to try out. They had a lot of fun!!

After the obstacle course it was time for Lunch. We ate fresh Roti’s on the beach.

Gregory found us and asked us if we wanted some fresh Conch.

… and people started taking our picture as we were talking and buying conch from Gregory. 

We stayed in Rodney Bay for about a week and every morning we woke up and took walks on the beach.

We got together with our friends on “Hanna” and “Escape Claws” for beers at Antillia Brewing Company. 

The day we left Rodney Bay, we made a quick stop for drinks and lunch a Marigot Bay.

Rich forgot to put on a shirt before going into the restaurant!! 

Cheers!! Celebrating Kevin and Barbara’s 1 year anniversary of living aboard!!

Next stop….. The anchorage between the Pitons.

Saint Anne, Martinique

Every once and awhile we find a charming area that we don’t want to pass through too quickly. The town of Saint Anne, on Martinique’s Southern coast is one of those places. It has everything we look for in an anchorage; Hiking, beach and beach bars, shopping, night life, and snorkeling!!

Did you know, 95% of the people in Martique are Roman Cathloic? There is a historic church in the center of most towns, including Saint Anne. 


Statues built into each side of the Church
Inside of the church 


We walked up this trail every morning. 

At each of the 12 turns, there is a monument with the stations of the cross and people kneeling and praying along the way.    

 View From the top.   

  There was a meditation room at the top too.  

 After our walk the boys always needed chocolate!!! We are in France 🇫🇷, so we have to get it while we can. 

We ended up staying in St. Anne for 8 days!!! Which is a pretty long time in one place for us. The first couple days our friends on Stop Work Order were in the anchorage, as well. We hung out on the beach.  

One night all the adults went for a kayak ride. Here’s the crews from s/v Stop Work Order and Escape Claws. 


 The fresh market in town was on Saturday another reason we stayed 8 days. 😜 Fresh pork was 10€ for 1 kilo (2.2 pounds). We bought all of this for about $21.00


The larger town of Marin was about a 2 mile dingy ride. We would go in there and get boat parts and we ate out at a fun Restaraunt where you cook your meat at the table.  


We will be back to this area, but we just checked out of Martinique because we have to keep moving south since “H” season started a few days ago. …. Next stop, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia!!

Dominica, Day 2. The Indian River

The Indian River is probably the most famous river in Dominica. This river was used to film parts of Pirates of The Caribbean II. 

Martin picked us up from our boats at 6:30am. It was an early morning as we viewed the sun come up over the mountain,   
  and were greeted by a bright double rainbow. 

There are no motors allowed in the river, so Martin turned off the engine and paddled us up the river.   

He talked about the history of the island and pointed out different birds and crabs along the way. 

The root systems and foliage along the river was breathtaking!!  

The prop of the witches house from the movie is still there    so, the kids had to go explore it looking for the witch.

More pictures from along the river.   

  A crooked Palm. (Below)   
 Martin Rowing.   

Some of the crabs Martin pointed out.

More River scenes.   
We stopped at a river garden at our turn around point.  
The garden was full of flowers and herbs. 

  The boat used for our river tour.   
   A black humming bird with bright green wings. (Below)   
 Flower called Porcelin Rose. 
Our group. Time out, Escape Claws and Sail Pending         
 Tyler had the best seat in the boat on the way back. 

This was an amazing tour!!! If you’re ever near Dominica, do not miss the Indian River. 

Link to video of our tour

Dominica, Day 1. Part 2, Tasting the Local Flavors of the Island. 

After we hiked through the Syndicate Rain Forest, Spesh took us to an agricultural area where different farmers grew different fruits and veggies. He explained the wild herbs growing and answered our questions about how to prepare the foods that we’ve never seen before. 

The kids found every ripe Wild Raspberry along the hike.  


 Spesh climbing a tree to pick oranges for us. There are 3 types of Oranges on the island; One to eat, One to make juice and One that helps with stomach problems and that will increase your appetite. He was getting us eating oranges.  

We ate a fresh picked Papaya.   

Drank Coconut Water from a fresh coconut.  

Spesh showed us how to bunch Citronilla, so we could use it to make tea or keep bugs off our boat.  
We saw Banana plants and ate a freshly picked banana. (By the way, the bananas back in the states are nothing like these bananas. Once we get home we will probably never be able to eat a banana again. A freshly picked banana is AMAZING!!!) 

And Pineapples plants.  

And coffee beans 

And we chewed on fresh sugar cane 

…. And finally, the kids got to climb up into a tree house that was built in a cinnamon tree!!!  

Then we walked up a river to a 100′ waterfall.  


Here are some others pictures from this amazing day.

Our lunch at Sandy’s Beach Restaraunt.  

Lion Fish
BBQ chicken

Stay tuned for the Indian River tour!!!

Iles des Saintes; Ilet Cabrit

This uninhabited island is located just off of Guadeloupe and is part of the French West Indies. It’s located in the island chain referred to as The Saintes. 
There is a nice beach and plenty of well maintained mooring balls
and an anchorage that has an unobscured view of the sunsets.  

 The beach has a Bar-B-Que area and shady picnic tables, but the only way to get here is by boat. So, the island is usually pretty quiet and we usually had it all to ourselves.  

 Hiking is excellent on the island and we took a couple of hours to explore ever nook and cranny. 

Do you see Sail Pending?

Map of the hiking trails

Ruins of the battery on the Western side of the island.   


Some more views walking to the East side of the island looking at Terre d’en Haut.

Sail Pending on her mooring ball.
The goats greeting us to their home.

Tyler trying to get the goats to come to him


The viewsin every direction were stunning.    

view towards Terre den Haut. ^ above

below top, view of Terre den Bas  


Ruins of Fort Josephine

We ended up spending 5 days total at this island. It was a great place to decompress and relax and it was still close to shopping and fresh baguettes (wink). 

We would enjoy spending more time here too, but we have to keep moving South to get below (or near) 10 degrees North Latitude before “H” season starts. Next stop, the island country of Dominica!!! 

Iles des Saintes; Terre d’en Haut. 

Iles des Saintes are located about 10 miles off the Southern coast of Gaudeloupe.  

 This group of islands are made up of 7 different islands, two of which are habited and the others are not. Bourg des Saintes is the town on the island of Terre d’en Haut, and this is where we rented our car and drove around this charming island.  

The island is not very big and our goal is to drive on every road that the island has, starting with the town of Bourg de Saintes.  

 Then we travel up the hill towards Pain a’ Sucre and saw this spectacular view of the harbor.  


We ran across an old ruin with a couple very friendly goats that came to greet us as soon as we pulled in. 

Just another stunning view as we were driving around. 

Ilet a Cabrit (close) and Guadeloupe (far)
Below is the beach at the western edge of the island by Pt. Dubois Joli 
Then we had to drive back into town and head towards the Southern side of the island. Our next stop was Plage de Figuier.     
Next stop, Grand Anse; a large beach with breaking waves on the Southeastern coast.  
   One of the most unique things at this beach was the different workout stations that were installed for the public to use for free. So, we all had to try them out and get a little exercise.   


 After a good work out it was time to expire Fort Napolean, which sits atop of the 325′ hill looking North towards Guadeloupe.   

  The fort is designed to be hidden from the sea. It is built into the mountain and surrounded by a dry moate.   

Inside the fortified walls were different buildings. 

 The views from the fort were absolutely amazing!!!    

Looking East into Marigot (above); below, looking south into Bourg des Saintes

  After the fun day driving around the island we were tired and hungry. We met up with Escape Claws for dinner in town.   
The Frech islands are amazing places to eat out. The food is as good as eating in France, if not better, because of the influence of Caribbean spices, attitude and culture.  

Foie Gras and Smoked Fish

Stay tuned…. Next we’ll tour Ilet Cabrit, an uninhabited island North West of Terre d’en Haut. 

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