This uninhabited island is located just off of Guadeloupe and is part of the French West Indies. It’s located in the island chain referred to as The Saintes. 
There is a nice beach and plenty of well maintained mooring balls
and an anchorage that has an unobscured view of the sunsets.  

 The beach has a Bar-B-Que area and shady picnic tables, but the only way to get here is by boat. So, the island is usually pretty quiet and we usually had it all to ourselves.  

 Hiking is excellent on the island and we took a couple of hours to explore ever nook and cranny. 

Do you see Sail Pending?

Map of the hiking trails

Ruins of the battery on the Western side of the island.   


Some more views walking to the East side of the island looking at Terre d’en Haut.

Sail Pending on her mooring ball.
The goats greeting us to their home.

Tyler trying to get the goats to come to him


The viewsin every direction were stunning.    

view towards Terre den Haut. ^ above

below top, view of Terre den Bas  


Ruins of Fort Josephine

We ended up spending 5 days total at this island. It was a great place to decompress and relax and it was still close to shopping and fresh baguettes (wink). 

We would enjoy spending more time here too, but we have to keep moving South to get below (or near) 10 degrees North Latitude before “H” season starts. Next stop, the island country of Dominica!!!