After we hiked through the Syndicate Rain Forest, Spesh took us to an agricultural area where different farmers grew different fruits and veggies. He explained the wild herbs growing and answered our questions about how to prepare the foods that we’ve never seen before. 

The kids found every ripe Wild Raspberry along the hike.  


 Spesh climbing a tree to pick oranges for us. There are 3 types of Oranges on the island; One to eat, One to make juice and One that helps with stomach problems and that will increase your appetite. He was getting us eating oranges.  

We ate a fresh picked Papaya.   

Drank Coconut Water from a fresh coconut.  

Spesh showed us how to bunch Citronilla, so we could use it to make tea or keep bugs off our boat.  
We saw Banana plants and ate a freshly picked banana. (By the way, the bananas back in the states are nothing like these bananas. Once we get home we will probably never be able to eat a banana again. A freshly picked banana is AMAZING!!!) 

And Pineapples plants.  

And coffee beans 

And we chewed on fresh sugar cane 

…. And finally, the kids got to climb up into a tree house that was built in a cinnamon tree!!!  

Then we walked up a river to a 100′ waterfall.  


Here are some others pictures from this amazing day.

Our lunch at Sandy’s Beach Restaraunt.  

Lion Fish
BBQ chicken

Stay tuned for the Indian River tour!!!